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About Me

Astronomy & Astrophysics

Estelle Asmodelle

UCLAN: School of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences

Name: Estelle Asmodelle
Certificate of Higher Education in Astronomy with Distinction
Bachelor of Science Astronomy [Honours] (in progression)
P.O. Box 5245,
Erina Fair, NSW,
2250, Australia.
+61 418 676 586
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Email: elle@(remove)

Associations & Societies:

Fellow of the Institute of Science and Technology (UK) FIST.
Student member of the Institute of Physics (UK).
Full member of the Newcastle Astronomical Society.
Student member of the Australian Society for General Relativity & Gravitation.

Area of Physics Interest:

Cosmology:  General Relativity

Astronomy: Robotic controlled telescopes and interferometry

Current study program

B.Sc (Astronomy) Honours

Journal Publications

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Pending Journal Publications:

  • ‘Gravitational Redshift Correction to Astrophysical Distance Calibration,’Unknown journal.
  • ‘Gravity Wave Interferometry – an Overview,’ Unknown journal.
  • ‘Einstein’s Unified Field Theory,’Unknown journal.
  • ‘General Relativistic Solutions to Einstein’s Field Equations,’ Unknown journal.

Science Magazine Publications:

Forthcoming Lectures & Presentations:

  • A series of presentations are in progression for Newcastle Astronomical Society NSW at Newcastle University.
  • ‘Cosmology and Relativity,’ NSW Astronomical Society – date to be announced.

Past Lectures & Presentations:

My Courses:

These are courses that I prepared and also present – started this part time tutoring job on the 30th April 2013 and still going.

The Introductory course is completed in a single term. Explore the history of Cosmology, starting with ancient Cosmologies and moving to the work of great minds, from Aristarchus, to Copernicus, to Newton and then Einstein, and current scientific theories of our universe. Let’s discover how humans’ perception of the universe have changed, and the current scientific theories that prevail. This is a theoretical exploratory that also includes quantum theory, the nature of light, relativity, unified theories and string theories – What does the future hold?

  • Our Universe‘ – Started 8th May 2013 –  8 week course at the Central Coast Community College, Uni campus in Ourimbah NSW.

The In Depth course, spans two terms. The course will investigate theories of the universe starting with Newton and then Exploring Einstein’s Special and General theories of Relativity; the concepts of space-time are explored, while introductory maths will describe the expanding and accelerating universe. We will also define the Robertson-Walker spacetime metric, and look at the scale factor and the horizon problem. Furthermore, gravitational lensing will be looked at in conjunction with Hubble photos. Additionally, various cosmological parameters will be investigated. The origin of Dark Matter and Dark Energy will also be analysed. This course will cover Modern Cosmology, providing a sound basis simply using year 11 maths. The pre-requisite for this course is, “Our Universe – An Introduction”.

Research Interests:

The area of interest is Special & General Relativity and its relationship with Cosmology. SN1a (supernovae 1a) and GRBs (gamma ray busters) are also of interest. I like Astronomy in general and also theoretical physics as well; the combination of these subjects takes up most of my academic study time. Special Relativity and unified theories, including string theory, are also on the list. I am a bit of an Einstein buff and also enjoy reading treatments of Einstein’s work.

Historically, most of my research has been in robotic bearings and their control systems as I work as computer scientist/consultant. However, these days more and more I am interested in Astrophysics and so the use of advanced telescopes is of great interest, such as TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope, when its built), VLT (Very Large Telescope) and also the SKA (Square Kilometer Array –  still along way off), and also am fascinated by space based telescopes, such as: Planck, Hershel, Hubble & JWST (James Webb Space Telescope – when it is lauched in 2013).

Biographical Sketch:

My name is Estelle Asmodelle and I am a professional computer scientist and CEO of Ellenet Pty Ltd, a digital solutions provider in Sydney, Australia. I was born 50 years to the day of the birth of Robert Oppenheimer, and 230 years to the day of the birth of Immanuel Kant. Its seems rather auspicious, considering my areas of interest.

In my early academic life I studied toward a B.Sc. (Physics), and then two years later transferred to a B.Math (Computing Science). It was in these early student days that my passion for relativity and cosmology was first sparked.

In the past I’ve also been a director of two other technology companies, in Australia and have been actively involved in research and development of innovative technologies as a designer and inventor. I’ve worked with computers most of my life and have designed automated systems and have published over a dozen patents and articles in technology publications in robotics and machine control systems. I have had dealing with many academics at various universities within Australia, in regards to the systems I’ve designed and continue to consult with professors in electrical and mechanical engineering and also some physics departments as well.

More recently, namely since 2008, I’ve returned to university and continued my passion for astronomy and cosmology and am working towards a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Astronomy with the University of Central Lancashire, UCLAN, in the UK.

I am active in writing about astrophysics and relativity, and am student member of the Institute of Physics (UK), and a student member of the Australasian Society for General Relativity and Gravitation (Aust.).

Additionally, I‘ve written for Cosmos magazine (Australia) and also write feature articles for the Journal for the Institute of Science and Technology in the UK, about astrophysics and relativity.

In 2012 I started getting invitations by various astronomical groups to give presentations in areas of interest and these are continuing. There is a list of these presentations on this page for anyone interested in learning more about my activities. In the future I hope to have both power point and videos of those presentations available for interested people on this website as well.

Read the 2013 Women in Physics Article about me  (page 5) – in this issue by the Institute of Physics (UK)

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