The Introductory course is completed in a single term. Explore the history of Cosmology, starting with ancient Cosmologies and moving to the work of great minds, from Aristarchus, to Copernicus, to Newton and then Einstein, and current scientific theories of our universe. Let’s discover how humans’ perception of the universe have changed, and the current scientific theories that prevail. This is a theoretical exploratory that also includes quantum theory, the nature of light, relativity, unified theories and string theories – What does the future hold?

  • Our Universe‘ – Started 8th May 2013 –  8 week course at the Central Coast Community College, Uni campus in Ourimbah NSW.

The In Depth course, spans two terms. The course will investigate theories of the universe starting with Newton and then Exploring Einstein’s Special and General theories of Relativity; the concepts of space-time are explored, while introductory maths will describe the expanding and accelerating universe. We will also define the Robertson-Walker spacetime metric, and look at the scale factor and the horizon problem. Furthermore, gravitational lensing will be looked at in conjunction with Hubble photos. Additionally, various cosmological parameters will be investigated. The origin of Dark Matter and Dark Energy will also be analysed. This course will cover Modern Cosmology, providing a sound basis simply using year 11 maths. The pre-requisite for this course is, “Our Universe – An Introduction”.

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