This page has a list of articles which I have written and have been published in journals are available for viewing.


  • 10 Vital Questions to 10 Notable Physicists

This is a book that is currently in production – it is in 10 parts – part 1 has been published and is available:

Part 1: Interview with Lawerence Krauss

The other parts of the book will only be available in book form. When this book is available on books stores I will put a link here.


  • Australian Telescopes: A Retrospective.

This paper is about the history of Australian optical telescope and their current state. The article was written for IST Science and Technology Journal Sussex University UK, and you can download it here:

Australian Telescopes: A Retrospective


  • Origins

This is atwo-partt paper, that focuses on the science that went before relativity – what was previously known by Einstein and what contribution Einstein actually made to relativity.

Part 1: The Special Theory of Relativity

Part 2: The General Theory of Relativity


  • Water on the Moon – a historical summary of evidence of H2O on Earth’s Moon.

This is a paper and also presentation – while the presentation has been given a couple of times – the journal paper version will first be published in InST in August 2012. When its published a link will appear below:

Water on the Moon.


  • The Role of General Relativity in Cosmology.

This is a series paper and also presentation – while the presentation has been given to SASI [Sutherland Astronomical Society Incorp.]  – the journal paper will be published over a series of 10 issues in the Journal of the Sutherland Astronomical Society, and each section will appear below:

Part 1-10: The Role of General Relativity in Cosmology.


  • Cover of the Journal of the Institute of Science and Technology – UK