Cairns total eclipse 2012

A small group of us went to Cairns for the total eclipse. I wanted to see and photograph the event – the experience was quite something special but alas it was plagued with bad weather. I managed to photograph before totality and after, but during totality the cloud completely covered the wondrous sight. None the less it has made me more determined to photograph totality properly in the next full solar eclipse!

You can see a couple photos here before and after totality – note the cloud cover:

Totality was not visible at all – as you can view totality without the need for solar filters, all filters were removed but nothing but a black cloudy sky was visible. Only towards the end of the eclipse was I starting to get OK photos.

The above photos are before totality overlooking the Cairns waterway –  and the view during totality. The eclipse darkness was quite spectacular!

Before the eclipse has begun it was darker than usual – similar to a partial. Being so very dark, with light in the distance around you was quite something – and an event that everyone should experience, at least once.