Water on the Moon

By Estelle Asmodelle

Last December I joined the Newcastle Astronomical Society [NAS: http://www.nas.org.au/ ], that’s in Newcastle here in NSW, Australia – not the UK. When they had learned that I write the Space | Astronomy | Cosmology news for Cosmo magazine (sometimes) they invited me to give a series of talks – which I was surprised about as they usually have academics delivering such presentations, but agreed nervously. Still nervous about it :-)

Anyway, then came the problem about what to talk about – as there is so much but being an Astronomical society they aren’t interested in mathematical or highly technical presentations, and so I borrowed some work from this course for the 1st presentation:

I wrote my Essay about Moon discoveries, the title being: “Moon Discoveries & The Presence of Water” It’s a very interesting subject, and there has been many more tests and detections of water, in some form, on the Moon than most realise – so I decided to turn this essay, into a 1 hour presentation, it had to be expanded somewhat, with more photos etc., but it should go well.

The title of the talk is “Water on the Moon,” and is to at University of Newcastle, 3rd February – would invite any who are interested but it’s a bit far to travel – check out the link: