About Estelle


Estelle Asmodelle

Certificates in Astronomy and Cosmology
Certificate of Higher Education in Astronomy with Distinction
B.Sc. Astronomy [Honors] 1st Class
PhD Candidate in Relativistic Quantum Information [Queensland University]  (Former)

Address: P.O. Box 5245, Erina Fair, NSW,2250, Australia.
+61 418 676 586


Associations & Societies:

  • Fellow of the Institute of Science and Technology (UK) FIST.
  • Affiliate Member of Minkowski Institute
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Physics.
  • Member of the Australian Society for General Relativity & Gravitation (ASGRG).
  • Member of the International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation (ISGRG).

Area of Physics Interest:

General Relativity, Special Relativity, Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, Astrophysics, and Bohmian Mechanics.

Journal Publications

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Journal Publications – Planned:

  • Distant Observation of Black Hole Phenomena,’ Unknown journal.
  • ‘Spacetime Diaphaneity and Quantum Time,’ Unknown journal.
  • Artificial Gravity using Einstein’s Equivalence Principle,’ Space Science Reviews.
  • Gravitational Redshift Correction to Astrophysical Distance Calibration,’Unknown journal.
  • Einstein’s Unified Field Theory – a review,‘ Unknown journal.

Science Magazine Publications:

  • Stuck’ quantum matter waves prove theory,’ Cosmos Magazine, 7th October 2011.
  • Is the universe expanding asymmetrically?,’ Cosmos Magazine, 26th Sept 2011.
  • Dark matter signals detected?,’ Cosmos Magazine, 15th Sept 2011.
  • Undergrad student overcomes invisibility hurdle,’ Cosmos Magazine, 16th Aug 2011.
  • The Milky Way galaxy’s new shape,’ Cosmos Magazine, 19th July 2011.
  • Neptune’s day measured to the second,’ Cosmos Magazine, 4th July 2011.

Conference Presentations:

  • Bohmian Trajectories, Weak-Values, and Relativity‘ – Poster presentation at the AIP Congress 2018,
    10th December 5.30-6.30 p.m.
  • Bohmian Trajectories, Weak-Values, and Relativity‘ – Talk 25-minute with 5-minute question time, at
    RQI South, Customs House, Brisbane, 20th – 22 February 2019.

Society Presentations:

  • My Journey through the Cosmos– 3th March 2017, NAS: Newcastle University.
  • Particles and the Forces between Them‘ – 6th September  2013 – NAS: Newcastle University.
  • Water in the Solar System‘ – 4th April 2013 – Sutherland Astronomical Society, Green Point Observatory.
  • Cosmology and the role of the General Theory of Relativity‘ – 5th October 2012 – NAS: Newcastle University.
  • GAIA: the Dawn of High Precision Micro-Arcsecond Astrometry‘ – 6th July 2012 – NAS: Newcastle University.
  • Cosmology and the role of the General Theory of Relativity‘ – 7th June 2012 – Sutherland Astro. Society (SAS).
  • Water on the Moon‘ – 3rd Feb 2012 – Newcastle Astronomical Society (NAS): Newcastle University.

My Courses:

I created and ran three courses on cosmology at the Central Coast Community College, University of Newcastle campus in Ourimbah NSW, these were the three courses – ran for a full year in 2013-2014.

  • ‘Our Universe – Introduction’ – introduction to basic concepts and an overview of the concordance model.
  • ‘Our Universe – Intermediate’  – expanding on the first course, using high school mathematics.
  • ‘Our Universe – Advanced’ – expanding with a non-tensor mathematical analysis of Einstein’s relativity.

Research Interests:

The area of interest is Special & General Relativity and its relationship with Cosmology. SN1a (supernovae 1a) and GRBs (Gamma ray busters) are also of interest. I like Astronomy in general and also theoretical physics as well; the combination of these subjects takes up most of my academic study time. Special Relativity and unified theories, including string theory, are also on the list. I am a bit of an Einstein buff and also enjoy reading treatments of Einstein’s work.

Biographical Sketch:

My name is Estelle Asmodelle and I am a professional artist as well as a scientist and have been painting all my life, and exhibited in many countries and galleries around the world. You can see more of my art at Abstract Artist. I was born 50 years to the day of the birth of Robert Oppenheimer, and 230 years to the day of the birth of Immanuel Kant. It seems rather auspicious, considering my areas of interest.

In my early academic life, I studied toward a B.Sc. (Physics), and then two years later transferred to a B.Math (Computing Science). It was in these early student days that my passion for relativity and cosmology was first sparked.

In the past, I’ve also been a director of two other technology companies, in Australia and have been actively involved in research and development of innovative technologies as a designer and inventor. I’ve worked with computers most of my life and have designed automated systems and have published over a dozen patents and articles in technology publications in robotics and machine control systems. I have had to deal with many academics at various universities within Australia, in regards to the systems I’ve designed and consulted with professors in electrical and mechanical engineering and also some physics departments as well.

More recently, namely since 2008, I’ve returned to university and continued my passion for astronomy and cosmology and am working towards a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Astronomy with the University of Central Lancashire, UCLAN, in the UK. I am active in writing about astrophysics and relativity and am a student member of the Institute of Physics (UK), and a student member of the Australasian Society for General Relativity and Gravitation (Aust.). I have written for Cosmos magazine (Australia) and have also written feature articles for the Journal of the Institute of Science and Technology in the UK, about astrophysics and relativity.

In 2012 I started getting invitations to various astronomical groups to give presentations in areas of interest and these are continuing. There is a list of these presentations on this page for anyone interested in learning more about my activities.

Some items about me:

In 2017 I completed my B.Sc. Astronomy [honours 1st class]. Then in January of 2018, I started studying towards a PhD in Relativistic Quantum Information at Queensland University. The doctoral thesis was entitled:

‘Quantum interpretations in relativistic quantum information [RQI].’

Names of advisors: Professor Timothy Ralph (Principal) and Dr Austin Lund (Associate).

However, I felt that working in RQI was really interesting yet it would not take me to my goal of the unification of quantum mechanics and general relativity. And so I started the process of transferring my PhD to the University of Sydney, in the field of physics with the view of working on the following new doctoral thesis is entitled:

Time Dilation in Physics

The new proposed supervisor was to be Professor Dean Rickles. I was to be placed at the Center for Time at the University of Sydney. However, COVID 19 changed my plans for commencement in 2020, and two years later I have decided to simply work on several papers that I think are important. I did try to get a PhD working on my own project but unsuccessfully. So instead I am now working privately on general relativity and quantum mechanics unifications. I may return to another PhD in physics later.