The unification of the general theory of relativity (GR) and quantum mechanics (QM) is possibly the largest open question in physics. Some believe there is no resolution and the two theories should co-exist together. Other physicists believe it is possible to unify the theories through various techniques, such as the quantisation of gravity (the graviton). Some believe the foundational principles of QM, such as the superposition principle, must be maintained and then modify GR. This result in ‘quantum gravity’ theories and Loop Quantum Gravity is one such theory. How, at Relative Cosmos, it is our aim to retain as the equivalence principle of GR and modify QM, in other to unify the two theories. We believe this unification can be performed by understanding and solving the ‘problem of time.’ QM treats time as absolute, although some quantum field theory treatments can treat time are relativistic, generally, this is not the case, while time in GR is relative.

You will read articles and ideas that are being worked on here, some are ours and others are cited from other researchers, but in any case, the aim is the unification of the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.